Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Murder For Two" First Full Production

We just got back from our first full production of "Murder For Two" at the Adirondack Theatre Festival and wanted to share some photos and reviews!

“Smart, sharply executed, comfortable in its own skin, surprising in its twists but sure of each step. We’re laughing, yes, but the shear breathless feat of it made me want to weep a little, too.

Two numbers, A Friend Like You and especially He Needs a Partner, have breakout potential. The first is simply a wildly funny song-and-dance number; the second, a touching little love song.

It would be hard to find another actor to match [co-writer Joe] Kinosian's impeccable multi-persona performance."

-Cathy DeDe, The Chronicle

“It was a terrific night of theater that was more fun than I could have hoped for. I sense this a career show for its creators.”

-The Arts Whisperer

“There is no mystery as to the appeal of Murder for Two. It’s a sure-fire evening of winning performances in a clever little musical that manages to laugh at itself and entertain with a vaudeville style that will appeal to everyone.

Rolling seamlessly from a strikingly mysterious ballerina to a Southern hostile hostess, a gnawingly needling Nancy Drew, a larger-than-life Brooklyn Nick and Nora, a needy, friendless psychiatrist and a trio of 9-year-olds from a slowly diminishing boys’ choir, composer/actor [Joe Kinosian] executes each distinct personality with aplomb, all the while shadowing the usual suspects with some bouncy tunes and crafty verse."

-Matthew G. Moross, The Daily Gazette

“An engaging romp, written with knowing wit and performed with flashy exuberance… the lyrics, by Kellen Blair, are hilarious.”

-Steve Barnes, Times Union

“This is a fresh take on a familiar concept that will win you over no matter how hard you resist. The show is a delightful and charming 90 minutes of offbeat fun.

Kinosian is a delight in every portrayal. He displays boundless energy, charm, and in the process exhibits a sense of trust with the audience. Most important, he knows the fine line that exists between cute and precious and never crosses over to precious. It's great work."

-Bob Goepfert, The Record

“The show and its song lyrics are very witty, and remarkably polished.”

-Mark Frost, The Chronicle