Some of our songs...

photo: eli schmidt

        1."Travelin' Man"
        2."Strolling Through Central Park" 
        3. "Christmas Without You"  
        4. "Good News, Mrs. Davenport!"
        6. "Ambitious"
        7. "Lookin' Better"
        8. "You Have to Move On"
        9. "Welcome to Our Home"
        11. "Someday, That'll Be Me"
        12. "The Crush"
        13. "You're Mine Until"
        14. "You Can't Keep Those Bailey Brothers Down"
        15. "If He Knew Me"
        16. "Once Before I Die"
        17. "You Won't Hear Me Complain"
        18. "Betsy Ross"
        19. "Let's Do Nothing For Christmas"
        20. "Let's Not Die" 
        21. "He's For Real"
        22. "Take Me to Provincetown"