Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reviews of the 42nd Street Moon Production of "Murder For Two"

"An extremely funny and enjoyable valentine to the whodunit."
- Robert Sokol, San Francisco Examiner

"There's lots to love about Murder for Two... This is also the kind of show I would happily return to..."
- George Heymont, & contributor for the Huffington Post



"This successful exercise in manic hilarity is as fun as it gets in live theatre."

"This was a very enjoyable and enthralling show, with a lot of clever wordplay (both sung and spoken), delivered with rapid-fire delivery by two talented actors."

"We all laughed out loud and giggled a lot and my teenage kids were quoting many of the funny and clever lines on the way home. Go see it!"

"The script is hilarious, the songs are clever and tuneful, and the show zips by in a very entertaining 90 minutes."