Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Murder For Two Extended Thru Sept 4

"The run of the two-actor Murder for Two — A Killer Musical has been extended a second time, getting five additional weeks, now to Sept. 4, at Chicago Shakespeare Theater." 

Here is a taste:

"I would go and see this musical again and again. We enjoyed ourselves that much!"
"Funny, fascinating, all you could want.  These two performers are amazingly talented guys.  The music, acting, writing -- everything is entertaining beyond belief.  GO SEE IT!!"
"Run people - run as fast as you can and get tickets to this show NOW before it is gone.  It is, in my humble opinion, the best way to spend ninety minutes of your life while still fully clothed and sitting up!"
"I have never felt so good upon leaving a place of live entertainment as I felt yesterday when leaving "Murder for Two - A Killer Musical". It is the funniest, most creative, most clever, most entertaining work that I can imagine."