Monday, October 19, 2015

An important Halloween message...

Kellen's guide for spicing up your electronic communications this Halloween season:

1. Instead of saying things are "spectacular" this month, consider calling them "spooktacular". The juxtaposition of the words "spook" and "spectacular" should produce a smile from your friends.

2. Consider throwing the adjective "haunted" in front of every single noun in your communication. Nothing says Halloween like the presence of ghosts, which the adjective "haunted" implies. 

3. Instead of signing your correspondence, leave that part blank. The implication will be that it was written by the invisible man. 

4. Where normally you might include words of affection, consider adding a long string of violent threats. The joke is that you're trying to scare them because it's Halloween.

Most importantly, remember to have a fun and safe and haunted holiday!

Now, if you're feeling brave, check out this weird footage we found at Rhinebeck this summer...