Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We have a winner!

 The Kinosian and Blair Raw and Edgy Ticket (and other stuff) Giveaway Photo contest is over...and we have a winner! Since this contest began two weeks ago over 50 photos were posted of smiling faces in front of "Murder For Two" posters. Luckily for Jessica (Jessica49953943), 23 of those faces were hers!  Congratulations, Jessica; your edgy prizes are on their way.

And we'll try to think of something for our amazing runners-up (Marc, Martin, Eliza, Maddie, we're looking at you guys)!

I hope this experience has taught you all a valuable lesson about the manipulative powers of commercial marketing. Also, don't forget to CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS TO MURDER FOR TWO AT NEW WORLD STAGES!!